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Helpful Tips As You Plan To Remodel Your Locust Grove, VA Home

Located in Orange County, Locust Grove was so named because of the many Black Locust trees that dot the region. If you visit the area, you might consider driving the extra 26 minutes to Fredericksburg, VA. That way, you’ll also get the chance for a lesson in American history.

Locust Grove is also a populous area and a potentially lucrative real estate market. So if you have plans to upgrade your home in this locale, you want to think carefully about how you'll handle your project. The following post offers some tips for getting the best value from your remodeling project:

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Home Renovations Guide: How to Add Value to Your Home

When you renovate or upgrade your home, there are a few things to consider before deciding the best way to spend your renovation dollars. For example, will the project make your home more functional or an overall better place to live? If you have four bedrooms and one bathroom, adding a second bathroom might tremendously improve the general living conditions of your home.

There's also the consideration of keeping everything in a good state of repair and replacing worn-out components of your home. A roof replacement won't necessarily improve the functionality of your home (unless the old one is falling apart), but it can give you the peace of mind that you won't have to worry about leaks anytime soon. Read more at Million Acres…

All remodeling projects are good but some will achieve more for you than others. Knowing which ones to go for is a great first step.

There are other factors (mostly external) that could negatively affect your remodeling project. The following post provides insight into some of them:

Four steps that will make your home renovation a little less painful

If you think bringing your garish 1960s-era kitchen up to date is just a matter of new paint and appliances, think again.

Home renovations modernize your dwelling, potentially make it more energy-efficient and may enhance its appeal when you sell your home.

The trouble is that an overhaul of your house can often be more complex — and more expensive — than originally anticipated.

Consider that a midrange minor kitchen remodel — wherein you’re replacing the front of your cabinets and swapping out countertops — costs an average of $22,507, according to Remodeling Magazine. Read more at CNBC…

One of the critical things to do is get a permit for any project you plan to undertake. This will help you avoid disappointments, as discussed in the post above.

Wondering what kind of projects require a permit? The following post highlights some of them:

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Home Improvements That Require Permits

If you purchased your home prior to the recent housing collapse, your investment may not be paying off the way you had hoped. If your home is on the market, you might be struggling to get an offer high enough to pay off your mortgage. For that reason, some homeowners are taking on remodeling projects to raise the value of their homes.

For the do-it-yourself remodeler, obtaining permits is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating, but for many home renovations it's necessary and required. Read more at Investopedia…

Don’t overlook the legal steps in any process since they could end up haunting you in the days to come. You may even have a hard time selling the home if the renovations weren’t approved.

A home inspection is a good idea before you begin any remodeling project. This will reveal any areas that require immediate attention. This would also help you to reprioritize if necessary and ensure your home is functional and in the best condition.

Bell Harig Home Inspections is here to ensure you get a thorough home inspection. We will leave no stone unturned. You can entrust your Locust Grove, Virginia home to our experts. Call us today to get started on the right foot.